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Prosperity Or Better Times Ten!

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Colors: Violet, Lavender and Magenta

Colors of the month
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Experiencing Health on All Levels
Violet is the crown chakra color and helps with love, spirit and calmness. Wearing Violet can help you attract people for your highest good. Use Violet for guidance, spirituality and to see things more clearly during meditation and feel Archangel Rapheal's Violet ray of healing.
Lavender balances and aligns energy fields. If your energy fields are out of alignment or you feel out of sync, lavender can bring issues into perspective and aid in the forgiveness path.
Magenta stimulates creativity from sexual energy. Magenta is a great color for you if youíd like to place yourself on the receiving end for a change. You probably give to everyone else and NOW itís your turn! Remember, itís also a wonderful gift to receive.
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